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Replication options Was: SharePlex info

From: <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 22:44:27 -0800
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Hi there

In the past few weeks, there have been lots of discussion about HA, data replication and using Shareplex, dataguard, Streams, logical & physical standby. As most of you have found out each has it own pros and cons. You also need two sets of Database licences and Shareplex licences. Then there are real technical issues like DDLs, db patches/upgrades, external files like INIT.ORA etc etc.

I would like to suggest that you also consider using filesystem replication. At one site I have the following

Prod }--- Sync replication -> Standby

     }--- Async replication -> DR

I also use checkpoints/snapshots on the Prod box which gets replicated to the target boxes as well. This allows me to start the standby/DR box to any point in time that had the checkpoint/snapshot. Why did I recommend this to the client? because it does not need a highly paid DBA to do any of the work required.

Now depending on your situation and country, you do not need to purchase oracle for the Standby and DR site. The cost savings can go towards the cost of using this filesystem replication option. Which ones? Try NetApps and Veritas Volume replicator.

my 2cents worth


At 09:49 AM 21/08/2003 -0800, you wrote:

>Hi All,
>I'm trying to find some technical details about SharePlex, that is:
>- How much network bandwidth I'd expect to replicate from database, generating 1-5 MB/sec redo. Does SharePlex send SQL text over the network or data in some internal (hopefully compressed) format
>- How much CPU on the source DB server side would it cost - just a ball park - very little- little - or a lot
>- Of two options, using 9.2 physical async standby db and clone whole database vs replicate 50% (enough from business requirements) of tables using SharePlex, which one sounds preferrable keeping in mind minimizing CPU burden on the source database.
>Any opinion or pointer to any benchmark is highly appreciated.
>Thanks a lot

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