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Re: Oracle World anyone?

From: Chip <>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 22:09:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

The Hotsos Clinic 101 is better the 2nd time around, especially with a spiral bound draft copy of Cary Milsap's forthcoming "Bugs" (actually Yellow Jackets) book.

RMOUG is close to home so I have already marked my calendar with February 11-12, 2004 for Training Days.

After attending the 1st Hotsos symposium and IOUG-A Live 2003 this year, I can readily understand Rachel Carmichael's decision to be the 1st one to register for the Hotsos symposium in 2004. Due to hotel capacity (specifically feeding people), the Hotsos symposium 2004 has a limit of 500 people (who are serious about Oracle system performance).

Have Fun :)

Daniel Fink wrote:

>I just returned from the Hotsos Clinic, so that is a big MUST ATTEND!!!!
>In terms of shows/conferences, #1 will be the Hotsos Symposium in March. ( If I have to choose between this and IOUG, Hotsos wins hands down.
>My #2 is RMOUG Training Days ( in February. It is held in Denver for 2 days and draws a few of the bests (including several of the top contributors to this list). Granted, I'm biased (I live here in Denver), but the $$$s are good (less than $400 for both days) and the speakers are excellent. Check out the local Oracle User Groups because they often have some top notch meetings that are easy to attend and afford.
>Daniel Fink
> wrote:
>>Jared et al,
>>I was just told by my new boss that I have to have any requests for any conferences/shows in by Sept. 5th (his budget deadline). It's been years since I worked for a company that would pay for me to go anywhere, so, for 2004, what would you (or others on the list) recommend? It'd prob. have to be scheduled already to appease the budget gods, so any dates, locations, web-sites? Also, it would have to be Oracle- or MS SQL Server-based, as that's what I support (9i, and 2000, respectively, all on
>>Win2ks (do I hear violins playing)). Finally, what's the 'hottest' (read that as the most beneficial) Oracle course these days for a DBA that's been around since 6.0 and is now working with 9i? Internals?
>>Thank you,
>>Paul R. Sherman
>>DBA/Sr. Appl. Analyst
>>office - 401-232-1200 x200
>>cell - 401-935-2802

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