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RE: SharePlex

From: Indy Johal <>
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003 13:14:24 -0800
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Actually your statement that "Neither logminer, SharePlex nor Streams can handle DDL" is not correct. With Oracle 9 logminer it is possible to capture DDL and so the Stream capture DDL as it uses logminer at the back. As Nelson is not in Oracle 9i, And so the option availbale with him are

--> Advance Replication - This option is good

                                       * If the Network connection between two production and Replicated databse is very good

                                       * If the Load is not high on the Production server  and what I meant by load is the Transaction Load. As it Financial system , so it all depend on the Modules

--> Physical Standby databse - This option is good

                                       * If there is not much load on the production server and so the Realtime loading can be done thru Data Guard. [ This is possible with 9i and I am not sure with 8i]

                                      But from Nelso Emailm the physical standby is not at all good option as he want to use the other server for Reporting purpose with all data should be very close to production server


So as Nelson is on 8i and as he also cannot go for Oracle 9i as that require him to go for Oracle Apps to 11.5.9 or so



Indy Johal
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"Mladen Gogala" <>
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08/08/2003 03:04 PM PST
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Subject: RE: SharePlex

Actually, logical standby database does have a hidden cost because you need Data Guard which is licensed
separately. The product that mimics SharePlex is called Oracle Streams and it is a redo log based replication
tool, sort of  Logminer on steroids. By the way, logminer was published because of the Quest who reengineered
the format of redo logs and based recovery mechanism on reading the changes from the logs and applying
them to "replicated" database. Neither logminer, SharePlex nor Streams can handle DDL. One has to propagate
schema changes using Quest Schema Manager or the same thing from Embarcadero or, for masochists, OEM Change
Management Pack.  I used every expletive in the book while I was testing OEM and I even invented a few of my own. 
If you opt for any of those tools (and Data Streams is a pretty cool stuff, based on the demos, white papers from OTN,
marketing brochures and spam about the database enlargement), you will also need a schema manager tool.
Quest Schema Manager is a very good tool which I tested extensively.
I'f you decide to go cheap and use  trigger/stored procedures based replication ("advanced replication"), you'll
need a gun, preferrably 44-magnum. That is known as "go ahead, make my data" option. Do you feel lucky?

Mladen Gogala
Oracle DBA
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From: [] On Behalf Of Goulet, Dick
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 5:59 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
Subject: RE: SharePlex


    SharePlex does the same basic thing that Oracle does for the logical standby, as a matter of fact if your running 9i why not use that instead of Quests's pricey tool?  I don't believe there is any additional cost to using logical standby over the second server license that your going to have to pay anyway.

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA
Oracle Certified 8i DBA
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From: Nelson, Allan []
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 5:14 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
Subject: SharePlex


Quest is trying to sell us a product named SharePlex.  It sounds very attractive, but then sales people are supposed to be good at that.  We are a mid sized company, about 2.2 billion per year, running Financials 11.5.7.  We are interested in this for HA and for reporting instance use. 

We use Cognos as our query tool and the owners of this product tells me that we can't tune the SQL it emits.  It makes pretty poor choices, which is not surprising for a gooey, sticky tool designed for end users.  It is sort of pretty and if you can drool you too can generate cross products.  Anyway , I'd like to get them off the production box.


Does SharePlex allow you to stay close to the production instance in time?  Does the store and forward work well?  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Anything you'd like to say about this product I'd like to hear

Thanks in advance

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