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RE: is this DBA's only mailing list? THANKS

From: Naveen Nahata <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 23:19:41 -0800
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All the very best!

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Thanks to Dave, Naveen , Dennis Williams , Rich for replying and to Maggie , rgaffuri , Roy , Mladen for suggesting the ODTUG. And thanks to all for encouraging me to =post my questions here, and learn from all you gurus.
BUT, I am not into DBA activities AS YET, and am unable to understand most of the things discussed here. Also, I wished to join a list where I could also share some of my knowledge in addition to learning from others. Here, I find my knowledge is almost nil (in DBA activities).  

Hence, I will join one of the lists suggested by you people, and for now, I will be un-subscribing from this list. But, I will try to get to your level of knowledge soon, and become a member of this list again Wish me all the best :-)  


Yes, we even let developers use this list. Heck, if you want to throw out a perl question cuz I bet you'll get an answer.  



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Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 7:46 AM
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HI everyone  

I recently joined the list, and I think it is meant only for DBAs. Is that true?
Also, can anyone suggest any similar mailing list meant for Oracle developers
(that is those working with SQL, PL/SQL, Forms, Oracle apps, etc.) and those
who are not DBAs?  

Thanks in advance
Ajay K. Garg  

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