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RE: LOV on Forms 6i to be populated with data from SQL Server 200

From: Kevin Toepke <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 13:51:06 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Funny you should ask as we are in the process of implementing something very similar here. Selecting from SQL Server tables from within an Oracle database that is.  

It can be done relatively inexpensively (about $4k per cpu for the ODBC driver)  

You need to look into "Oracle Heterogeneous Services" and install them on the Oracle DB Server
This requires a 3rd party ODBC driver. We chose the SQL Server Wire Protocol ODBC driver from DataDirect. Once you have configured the Hetero Services and the ODBC driver all you do is create a database link! Then you can select form the SQL Server table as if it was a remote Oracle table. (with limits as SQL Server is not as powerful an engine as Oracle)  

Initial installation took about 1/2 day, including the trial software downloads.  

Pretty sweet solution for small tables!  


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Hi Gurus  

I have a unusual request from one of new clients. I have an application that is 100% Oracle forms 6i, and reports 6i and DB 8.1.7 running on W2K platform. Clients wants to know whether he can populate a LOV on Oracle form with data from one of the columns of a table in SQL Server 2000.  

Is there a way to achieve this with something like database link, dynamic link, etc. ..........  

Appreciate any help or lead or direction to documentation in regard  

Thanks in advance


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