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Re: Problem with TOAD

From: Doug <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 22:44:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Don't know if this helps but there are a handful of bugs with ORA-980's..with 9i Some of them are inaccessible. I ran into this problem and switched the synonym from private to public per Oracle's advice and got around it for the time being until I could put on the .3 patchset.. or was it from public to private? Not sure.
I still haven't gotten the .3 patchset on either. The symptom was that a synonym appears valid by any stretch until it is accessed by a procedure and then the error is thrown. To track down these problems I put each synonym in a 3 line procedure that just did a select count. Maybe Toad is trying to do something other than make a simple connection.

On Wed, 28 May 2003 20:09:48 -0800, you wrote:

>Hi List,
>I am facing a strange problem with TOAD (ver
>I am not able to log onto my Oracle database server ( thru
>TOAD. I am getting "ORA-00980: synonym translation is no longer valid".
>I do not know how this correlates with this error while connecting. I am
>able to connect to any other database thru TOAD.
>I am able to connect to my database using SQL* PLUS but my comfort level
>with TOAD is high that I do not want to revert to SQL * PLUS. ;)
>The things that I will list out are :
>1. Tried running the TOADPREP.sql from SQL*PLUS. The script goes thru
>fine without any problems.
>2. Nothing has happnened to my PC/Database since the last time I logged
>in to my machine. Very normal behavior.
>3. I can desribe all my toad specific tables from SQL* PLUS.
>4. The strange thing now (after running TOADPREP.sql) is that i can
>access all user tables but not dba tables(dynamic performance views)
>5. Stopped and restarted the servies but to no effect
>6. Even reinstalled TOAD but to no effect.
>7. I have checked the trace files, seems fine to me.
>Even though this issue is specific to TOAD, plz help me on this.
>I am in touch with the support also but I cannot wait for 1 day for
>their reply.
>Any pointers?
>Satya Prakash
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Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ:
Author: Doug

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