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Which method is more efficient

From: Rodrigues, Bryan <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 07:49:49 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hello everyone,

I have a question for the group of which method is more efficient.

To set the stage my company has a process to load part changes from vendors into the tables in an Oracle database with archiving on and this database has a standby database at disaster recovery site, so nologging is not an option.

There is a discussion going on as to which method is more effective for updating the information in a table. In looking at effectiveness, I am looking at reducing the amount of redo information produced and having the database do the least amount of work.

  1. Method 1 is to update the information only for the fields that have changed, 1 field at a time.
  2. Method 2 is to update the information for all the fields in the record whether they have changed or not, 1 record at a time.

The size of the record is 1843 bytes and the distribution of field sizes:  2 fields varchar2(240).
 1 field varchar2(150)
15 fields varchar2(50)
1 field varchar2(3)

2 fields varchar2(20)
4 fields varchar2(40)
3 fields varchar2(1)
2 fields varchar2(25)

2 fields number(10,2)
1 field number(13,2)
1 field number(1)
1 field number
1 field varchar2(6)
1 field number (17,2)
1 field varchar2(4)
3 fields that are date.

In the past couple of months the average number of fields changed per record was 3 to 4 fields per record.

Thanks for your help,

Bryan Rodrigues
Oracle DBA
Elcom, Inc.


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Author: Rodrigues, Bryan

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