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Re: Space Remaining in Current Extent

From: Stephane Faroult <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 13:54:41 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Kevin Lange wrote:
> As to what this is for .....
> I have a request to come up with a way to guage space remaining on an on
> going basis .... i.e. If I look at the space available between 2
> different user transactions I will see a difference. Most of the methods I
> have seen so far either rely on Analyze or show simply the amount of space
> that has been allocated to the table at this time (not the actual "This is
> what you have allocated" and "This is what you have free").
> I have tried using dbms_space but it again shows (at least I interpret it
> that way) the amount of space allocated , not neccessarily exactly what is
> in use.
> If there is an obvious v$ or x$ view out there someplace where I can get
> this info, it would be great.


  First understand that this is not directed to you but to your damagement - I have seen the "request" :-).   

  Why do you want a real-time, down-to-the-latest-byte result? This is absolutely idiotic. Whenever you want to order something with the likes of EMC, the smallest unit available will be in the order of magnitude of the Terabyte. I understand your management probably had most of their real-life IT experience on a 640K, dual 5 1/4 diskettes, no hard disk (pre-XT, ca 1985).
  Use 'round()' to the nearest Gb, it will smoothen the differences.

HTH S Faroult

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