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RE: Moving Code to Production

From: Karniotis, Stephen <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 07:56:45 -0800
Message-ID: <>


  Very open question. Do you want war and peace on this one? OK, I will start.  

  1. Make sure that ALL sql code does not reference the owner of any objects within the database. Synonyms should be created.
  2. Make sure that the application does not connect to either the application server or the database as the owner of the objects or as a highly secured account. Asking for trouble if they do.
  3. Make sure that any directory references are for the proper environment. For example, we had an application that was migrated to production but still referred to development files on the server. What fun we had looking for this one.
  4. Make sure ALL debugging flags have been turned off or removed before porting the application to production. In fact, we required a complete re-compile of all code before porting to make sure.
  5. Make sure the application is TESTED thoroughly. Separate test environment. In fact stress test the application to make sure that the so-called "improvements" didn't break anything.
  6. I would recommend that for any SQL changes the proper explain plan and statistics generation be included in the documentation for the changes.
  7. Proper signoff of all management parties involved in the change, including the user. Make sure the user performs an acceptance test on the new code PRIOR to the migration of the code. I love seeing acceptance testing done after. Really makes for some fun meetings.
  8. Backup application directory and database prior to rollout. Just in case something is truly broke, you can restore back.

How's that for a start!!!  

Thank You  

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Would like some feedback as to what to check, etc. when moving new code changes into the production environment.  

Thanks much,
Ken Janusz, CPIM

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