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Re: iAS, forms, file upload/download intermedia, mod_pl/sql

From: Torben Holm <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 03:17:04 -0800
Message-ID: <>

  Hi Rahul,

Year I've seen it now - our mail system sucks!

The reason the number is added is to ensure that the document name is uniqueue and to the best of my knowledge you can not change this - it must be in the mod_plsql module (where the requirements to document table is placed as well).

Here is a snippet of my code that deals with this "odd" number My upload table is named visit_reports
I have a page where people can upload from and the action on that page is to call the upload procedure
this page contains the HTML items P_customerid, p_short_description, p_initials and file (I think it has to be called file) This pages action point to the upload procedure and at submit it is called.

procedure upload(p_customerid number := null, p_short_description in varchar2 := null, p_initials varchar2 := null, file varchar2 := null) is

    update visit_reports set

        short_description = p_short_description,
       customerid = p_customerid,
      empid = p_initials,

    doc_name = substr(file,instr(file,'/')+1),     owner = user

        where name = file;
    commit;>p_customerid); end upload;

 >From dev6i you should be able to do a SHOW_DOCUMENT or is it DOCUMENT_SHOW witch wil open a new browser window - I am not sure hiw it works - though.

I think perhaps that you would be better of only using PL/SQL generated forms - it would simplify you "configuration"

Hope this help a bit.

rahul sharma wrote:

>Torben, your message did get thru !,
>i have tried upload/download through pl/sql cartridge, it's not very
>difficult, my only concern
>is the mix and match of dev6i forms and web pages... now i';m thinking of
>making all the application
>using pl/sql generated forms !!!,
>i have another question, when i upload using mod pl/sql, it adds some number
>prefix to the filenames i upload !!!
>how to change that default ?
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>Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 2:07 PM
>>Hi Rahul,
>>Just sent this to but is has'nt showed up on the
>>list (yet) so just in case it dont show up here is the text.
>>Kind regards
>>Torben Holm
>>Hi Raul
>>You have to have the document table (you may call it what you like as
>>long you define the table name in the DAD) There are some columns that
>>are mandentory but you can add your own.
>>I have pl/sql package where I upload through a web page (not forms) add
>>and some user specific information , one can liste the filese, delete
>>the files and the files can be downloaded/displayed/opend.
>>The packege is part of a minor system but should be easy to fit into
>>most of your needs.
>>If you are interested I'll send it to you.
>>kind regards

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