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RE: Has anyone experiemented with SQLPLUS connection times ?

From: Johnson, Michael <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 09:21:52 -0800
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Thanks Don for the reply.

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One factor that can make a huge difference in connect times is appending to the *.dat files in $ORACLE_HOME/otrace/admin/.  

There are by default three *.dat files in $ORACLE_HOME/otrace/admin/ - regid.dat (possibly register.dat), collect,dat and process.dat.  

The problem is that every "qualified" connection appends some information to one or more and they may grow quite large. I have seen cases where one (I forget which, but perhaps process.dat) grew to over a gigabyte and connections took several minutes to complete. Once these files are deleted, they are never automatically recreated. Unless one is using OEM's Oracle Trace, they can be deleted. If they need to be recreated, it can be done with $ORACLE_HOME/bin/otrccref.  

An experiment to see if this is an issue is to time connections with the environmental variable EPC_DISABLED=TRUE (which disables this behavior - making it not a "qualified" connection) and compare the time to connections with this set to FALSE or null (the default behavior). If there is a consistent significant difference, then this is likely the problem. For further information, see:
<> - How and Why to Disable Oracle Trace  

Don Granaman
(Microsoft-impaired) OraSaurus

PS: So why is this reply in this format when I have my Outlook Express set to send "plain text"? The original *looked* like plain text...  

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Anyone on the list done any experiments by adjusting O/S, init.ora or network parameter files to show how SQLPLUS connections either locally or over the network can speed up or slow down. If so, could you please direct me as needed.  

Thank You in advance.  


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