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Re: Oracle in a SUSE Linux Environment?

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Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 13:12:07 -0800
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Haven't run SUSE under VM, but I have a few machines that are happily running SUSE 8.0 professional(intel) and I could not get 9.0 running, nor could I get 8.1.7 running on SUSE 8.0. Didn't have to fiddle with kernel recompiles for 9.2. I am planning on upgrading to SUSE 8.2 shortly.

No strangeness thus far. Runs like Oracle on any other Unix. I haven't put the machines through much stress, and I haven't introduced users and applications other than myself.

The only thing that didn't work as expected is the env files I usually have set up locally on other Unixes didn't work properly. I had to use oraenv to set up my local environment, for some reason. I haven't had time to go back and figure out what was going wrong.

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The (everything runs better under Windows) CIO is gone, so we are back to our old ways of actually deciding on which strategy to take based on what is in our best interest (both performance and price wise).

So .....

We have a IBM 390 mainframe that can run SUSE Linux, under VM. Has anyone out there used Oracle 9i or 9iAS in that environment?

If yes, what are your thoughts, would you do it again?

If no, why not?

If these questions brings on the urge to write a book, go ahead, I'll read it.


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