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AW: Is External Table the best solution. - URGENT

From: Stefan Jahnke <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 01:26:42 -0800
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Late answer, but .... :  

We wanted to use xtrnl tables, but found 2 bugs related to Endian (Big -> Little) conversion and importing DB2 unload timestamps. Both work fine with SQL*LOADER, which I don't quite get since I always thought of xtrnl tables as a feature to be used within the databsase, but basically just using existing loader functionality. What worked good for us was fast loading of data (also parallel, big tables, couple million rows, text + numbers).  


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But the problem with using SQL*Loader is that we have integrate it with the application.
So how do we know if the load was a success.

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the best way to find out is to use SQLLOader and report your findings here ...   


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Dear All,

I have a particular requirement in the application where data has to be loaded
to the database from files which are in a fixed format. I tried using the new
feature called External Tables and had found it to work well with less number
of records. When we obtained the actual production .dat file, it contained more
than 3 million records. I found to my utter disappointment that the system was getting stuck while data was getting loaded. I waited for hours together

and it still didnt respond. A prototype with 100000 records itself took more than
1 minute to get loaded.

Do you feel that SQL*Loader would have behaved the same way. We are yet to try the same with Loader.

Thanks for all your replies, in advance.

Best Regards


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