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Re: latch free - library cache

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 18:01:42 -0800
Message-ID: <>

WHOA!!! Why do you have CURSOR_SHARING set to FORCE (default = EXACT)? You ain't supposed to do that with Oracle 11.5.x! Certainly not with 817x. Check out MetaLink doc #216205.1...

Better yet, search MetaLink on the keyword CURSOR_SHARING and be sure to click on "Advanced" and "Bug Database"; good way to lose any enthusiasm for that particular parameter...

on 5/14/03 3:36 AM, Dilip at wrote:

> Hi List,
> DB on Sun sparc solaris 2.6
> This is oracle applications 11.5.4
> One of the program was running for very long time. So checked out
> v$session_wait for that perticular session. It was waiting on 'latch free' and
> from P2 column and v$latch, found out that it is waiting for library cache
> latch.
> Now docs says this is related to shared pool fragmentation. So checked
> v$sgastat where it showed 38M space free in the shared pool (Total shared pool
> is 800 MB). But it didnt throw ORA-4031 and the process was running for last
> 17 hours. I looked at v$librarycache and v$latchholder but didn't get any
> clue.
> At last, I flushed the shared pool but still that session was waiting on same
> wait event. Finally I had to kill the session. I am facing this situation once
> or twice in production and everytime I can't kill the session.
> Can somebody tell me how should I debug furthur and go to the root cause of
> the problem. Does this mean I need to increse the shared pool ? CURSOR_SHARING
> is kept to FORCE.
> Thanks,
> ~Dilip
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