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Re: SQL Power !!

From: Brian Haas <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 19:14:48 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Orr, Steve wrote:
> Hi Kirti,
> Computers can generate queries even more complicated/dumber than humans, well most humans. ;-)
> We have a patented dynamic SQLgenerator thingy which spews out some gawd awful stuff. We can't just tune queries, we have to ask duhvelopment
> to tune the SQLgenerator thingy and they're scared to even look at it. On multiple web pages users can click on a plethora of radio buttons, check boxes,
> and fill in fields or type in text areas to their hearts' delight. Then the SQLgenerator thingy assembles/scrambles this mass of mish-mash and creates
> syntactically correct SQL. The thingy often sorts needlessly, joins/self-joins tables needlessly, queries on dates into the next millennia, repeatedly
> gets the same unchanging GUI presentation data over and over, tracks user clicks, only generates literals and never uses bind variables, etc. ad nauseum.
> We have entertained moving some data sets from another DBMS to Oracle because it hit the 30 table join limit on the other DBMS.
> I've been invited to peer inside the thingy but haven't had the nerve yet as it could send me over the edge or !
> stress my altogether too fragile grip on reality, whatever that is. The thingy is simultaneously wonderful, awesome, awful, dreadful and is growing into a beast which can't be slain.
> Looking for the Holy Grail and a magic sword in a stone somewhere...
> Steve Orr
> Going Bozo in Bozeman, Montana

Ah yes.....clicktrack! We used to host rightnow on our site before we let you guys take it over...cursor_sharing = force didn't help very much...I think this was version 3 or so. I was baffled by the queries that came from that system and there wasn't a thing I could do about it.


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