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Re: Oracle's "dbv" : how frequently do you use it ?

From: Daniel W. Fink <>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 10:39:13 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I've used dbv on a daily basis (for some files) and weekly for others. When testing a new storage device, I used it during each test to verify the integrity of the database. I would not hesitate to include it as part of my backups and even use it on the backed up files. It creates a little overhead, but can be a life saver!

Daniel W. Fink

Peter Gram wrote:

> Hemant
> To my knowledge dba's don't run dbv except when there have had some
> problems
> with the disk system or the database has reported some problems !
> There are one exception I have met and this Oracle dba that run dbv on
> standby databases or on year or month backup's just in case.
> The store within Oracle was dbv was invented for the sales people to
> get a
> check mark when comparing database features agenst Sybase in the old
> days, since Sybase dba's had to run a utility every week to verify
> indexes
> for curroption and the new customers could not accept that this was not
> needed on the Oracle database :-)
> Hemant K Chitale wrote:
>> Yesterday, there was a server crash when the storage
>> went "offline" at my site. The engineers were able
>> to bring the storage back after a few hours and then
>> ran "fsck" on the uFS file systems.
>> I then started up the Oracle Database. Out of curiosity, I ran "dbv"
>> on all the datafiles
>> [online with the database open]. Only one page
>> [an Index block] was reported as "Failing". I then
>> rebuilt the Index [it was recreated to a different
>> location]. Rerunning dbv I still saw the same
>> error on the same block. As this block was now in
>> a free extent, I wasn't concerned -- a new extent
>> allocation would format the block when required.
>> So now I am curious. How frequently do people run
>> "dbv" ? Only after crash recovery OR Regularly
>> on Open Databases ?
>> I am thinking of setting up jobs to run "dbv" on
>> critical databases regularly but would like to look
>> for field experiences.
>> Hemant K Chitale
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