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Re: Oracle's "dbv" : how frequently do you use it ?

From: Peter Gram <>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 09:12:11 -0800
Message-ID: <>


To my knowledge dba's don't run dbv except when there have had some problems
with the disk system or the database has reported some problems ! There are one exception I have met and this Oracle dba that run dbv on standby databases or on year or month backup's just in case.

The store within Oracle was dbv was invented for the sales people to get a check mark when comparing database features agenst Sybase in the old days, since Sybase dba's had to run a utility every week to verify indexes for curroption and the new customers could not accept that this was not needed on the Oracle database :-)

Hemant K Chitale wrote:

>Yesterday, there was a server crash when the storage
>went "offline" at my site. The engineers were able
>to bring the storage back after a few hours and then
>ran "fsck" on the uFS file systems.
>I then started up the Oracle Database.
>Out of curiosity, I ran "dbv" on all the datafiles
>[online with the database open]. Only one page
>[an Index block] was reported as "Failing". I then
>rebuilt the Index [it was recreated to a different
>location]. Rerunning dbv I still saw the same
>error on the same block. As this block was now in
>a free extent, I wasn't concerned -- a new extent
>allocation would format the block when required.
>So now I am curious. How frequently do people run
>"dbv" ? Only after crash recovery OR Regularly
>on Open Databases ?
>I am thinking of setting up jobs to run "dbv" on
>critical databases regularly but would like to look
>for field experiences.
>Hemant K Chitale

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