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RE: Post IOUG impressions

From: <>
Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 17:11:38 -0800
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This was my second IOUG conference; I also attended the 2001 conference in Orlando. In 2002 I went to the ODTUG conference in Las Vegas ... that's right, I'm a developer, not a DBA <ducking>. Even though ODTUG is smaller in terms of numbers, I found the topics more tightly targeted to my interests.

I felt the IOUG conference was quite heavy on DBA topics and lighter on developer topics. I don't know if that's by choice or just because there were fewer developer-related papers presented to the committee.

We're a long time Forms/Reports Client-Server shop, trying to figure out what our future development path should be. So I was looking to pick up information on Webforms/9iAS, Java/JDeveloper, Portal, Discoverer, etc. There were a few time slots where I had a hard time finding a topic that really related to my interests. And a few slots where I was having to pick between two or three that I really wanted to attend.

Oracle: Oracle folks were very active at ODTUG (I know, that can be seen as a plus or a minus) and gave quite a few good "future path" presentations. I didn't see that sort of Oracle presence at IOUG. That may be by choice ... there were comments at the final session about being able to speak your mind about Oracle and it's products without getting shut down. :-)

Box Lunches: I would prefer to eat on-site ... if there were a nice sit-down luch with hot meals, tables. etc. Box lunches in the hallway ... sorry, I headed off-site for lunch.

Evening social events (Big Bash, etc.): I had family with me, so my evenings were pretty much spoken for. Even if I were alone, I probably wouldn't attend. I'm just not into the drinking/partying/dancing stuff. And yet I'm paying for those events. I would rather see those $$ going to paying for upgraded lunches, breakfasts, a final CD, etc. Make the social events an extra-cost item for those who are interested. Maybe a "Basic" registration option and a "Plus" registration option ... that way those wanting the parties could still expense them as part of their registration.

Exhibitor Hall: I did a few quick run-throughs, but didn't spend much time there. I felt like I was in a "have to skip some sessions to spend time in the Exhibitor Hall" situation. I went for the sessions.

Will I attend again? If I were a DBA, a big yes! As a developer, I'm not so sure. We budget for two "developer" conferences per year, and I'm thinking ODTUG and maybe OracleWorld (never been there) might better meet our needs.


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