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From: Amit Valia <>
Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 10:06:58 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I logged in as SYSTEM and did a select * from tab. I still could not see the tables. I've tried logging in as sysdba. Can you tell me whats the default password for that at the time of installation? Thanx.

Ganesh Raja <> wrote:Whaich view are u not able see in the V$ Views... If you are Logged in Not as a DBA then u need to Explicitly Grant privs to the Views to the User. The O7_Dictonary_Accesbility is False in 9i by default and hence Select Any Table Privs does not give Select on the V$ Views and $ Tables. HTH Best Regards,
Ganesh R
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I've just installed Oracle 91 on my machine. Earlier I used to see the V$ views but am no longer able to see them. Is there a way I can find out if any objects have been deleted or not and such details ?

Thank you.

Amit Valia

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