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RE: Oracle 10

From: Odland, Brad <>
Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 05:46:41 -0800
Message-ID: <>


I'll bet the reason why Oracle is putting a auto-update feature on is so they can find out who isn't paying more easily. How many Linux-Oracle installations are out there now that are using an Oracle 8i or 9i download as backend db's for small websites that Oracle is'nt making a dime on? My guess is thousands if not tens of thousands based on the activity on the LINUX technology forum on technet. There will be plenty of people who will do a plain jane installs set up a website or some kind of unprotected database, start doing business and :::boom::: auto-update they get a call from Oracle requesting payment for production use of the software. I am sure that this "feature" will be available to be turned off by knowlegeble DBA's....  

Interesting if is part of a default install...  

Brad O.  

"Gosh Brain what shall we do tonight?"  

"We'll plot to take over the world of course, Pinky..."  

Sure, the Oracle 'boy' did demo this auto patching stuff and it all looked pretty impressive..... One more check-mark in the list of things the DBAs do today, that can be taken away from them :)  

But my little brain kept wondering......   ..... as to why would Oracle come up with this wonderful feature? Why can't they use such brilliant Developers to concentrate on thoroughly testing their code so it does not need a lot of patchwork. Patching should be an exception, not a routine procedure that needs automation !!  

BTW.. The new release may not be called 10i, after all.  

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Did find out that it will automatically download and install all patches and OEM will allow it to be scheduled so that you don't actually have to do anything. I think the boy who demoed that said it was a wonderful new feature.

April Wells
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So, did you get to see Oracle 10 in action at the IOUG?

I wasn't there, but am curious.


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