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RE: Sizing Indexes - URGENT

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 09:22:14 -0800
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Daniel - Excellently put. The other factor you can usually only estimate is the row size, until you get some test data. The old engineer in me says that if you can only guess at the row size and number of rows, then don't pretend the exact formula is going to do much for you. I started with a slide rule which was only accurate to 2-1/2 significant digits. When people started using calculators, they thought they had 10 significant digits. But if even one of your input variables is only accurate to 2 digits, then that is probably all the accuracy you're going to wind up with.

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    The formula you are using is reasonably accurate, but not very useful. One of the main problems I have found with this approach is that the number of rows is not usually known. The business side and designers might have an idea of data sizes, but the reality is that most times they are not accurate. This makes a fine-grained sizing approach ultimately innacurate.

    Use locally managed tablespaces and create estimated sizes. Add in enough space for variances and keep an eye on them. When in doubt, err on the side of overallocation.


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Dear All,

I have a task on hand to size a database for our application. I have used the Oracle rule to find out the rowsize of rows in a table.

  1. Space available for the data (SAD) = data block size - block header size = db_block_size - kcbh - ub4 - ktbbh - (initrans
    -1)* ktbit - kdbh
  2. Available Data Space (ADS) = ceil(SAD * (1-pctfree/100)) - kdbt
  3. Space used per row (SPR) = (Total size of the columns data length) + (1 byte per column with length < 250 )+ (3 * 1 byte per column with length >= 250)
  4. Row Size (ROWSZ) = 3 * ub1 + SPR
  5. Space used per row(SPROW) = max(ub1 * 3 + ub4 + sb2, ROWSZ) + sb2
  6. Total Size of the table = Expected Number of records * SPROW

I hope this formula is correct.

How can I do the sizing of indexes. Shouldn't I take into account the 10 bytes consumed by the ROWID pseudocolumn apart from the column(s) that are indexed ?

TIA for all your help.

Best Regards


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