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Standby errors

From: Ball, Terry <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 06:19:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Oracle 8.1.6 on Solaris 5.8.

We have a read-only standby database for one of our production databases. Each night, the standby is shutdown and the previous days archive logs from production are applied. Then the database is brought backup in read-only mode. To get the archive logs, a hot backup is done on the production database. As the last step is the hot backup, a log switch is done and then the archive logs are ftp'd to the server where the standby is.

After the hot backup completed yesterday, the log switch occurred, and the logs sent, but when an attempt was made to apply the archive logs we got an error:

ORA-00332: archived log is too small - may be incompletely archived
ORA-00334: archived log: '/orabackup/archive/TBSPRD/arch1352.arc'
ORA-332 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE RECOVER

In looking at the archive log, both on the production and standby servers, they are the same size - 16k (the block size for the db is 8k). The next log is 8k in size and then there is another that is 16k before we see any that are normal sized. These would have been the first logs _after_ the hot backup the night before.

In the alert log for the production db, it appears the log 1353 was archived _before_ 1352.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Does anybody have any idea why it happened in the first place? Is there something we can do to make sure it never happens again?

P.S. We are upgrading to 9.2 this weekend, if that makes any difference.

Terry Ball, DBA
Birch Telecom
Work: 816-300-1335
FAX: 816-300-1800

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Author: Ball, Terry

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