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Re: Oracle position on hints

From: Bjørn Engsig <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 03:48:40 -0800
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Undskyld, I should have added a wide ironic smily. I am very much aware of the far too many poorly written applications out there - you are sometimes amazed that even large software producing companies seem to thoroughly make every effort to produce bad code or simply ignore well established guidelines.

Interestingly enough, a company like the one I work for is getting a lot of business from assisting in performance optimizing, where the real cause of the problems is poorly written applications. Personally, I would much rather advise people in how to design and produce applications rather than pointing out at a far too late stage, that mistakes have been made very early in the process.


Jamadagni, Rajendra wrote:

> I doubt there are "some incorrectly applications", I think that is a
> rule rather than an exception.
> Raj
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> Seems like we are starting Yet Another Bind Discussion!
> Anyway, the peeking into bind variables is basically done when a
> hard parse is done. Hence, if multiple sessions execute the same
> shared SQL statement, only the first one will actually do the peek
> and hence, the optimization for all executions in all sessions
> will be as this first one.
> In my opinion, cursor_sharing and bind variable peeking should be
> useless features. However, I realize there are some incorrectly
> written applications out there that can have marginal need for them.
> /Bjørn.
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