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RE: monitor transactions over time

From: Deshpande, Kirti <>
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 19:14:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

>From what I know Oracle Development folks have identified the code changes to correct this problem. Just do not when Oracle would issue the patch. Since the bug was logged against 9i R2, patch would be provided.

This bug was originally logged in Aug 2002. There was no follow up.  

The other issue with v$undostat view is that it does not work in Manual Undo Mode. Forget using it while in Manual Undo Management mode to monitor your undo usage to size undo tablespace accordingly. Forget what the documents, white papers say. Some of them are 'syntactically' correct in saying, "This view is available in Automatic and Manual Undo Management mode." Yes, that is true. The view is available in MUM mode. But, it returns one useless row in 9i R1 and nothing in 9i R2. I was told by Oracle Development that it did not work in 9i R1, in MUM mode, so they simply changed it to return nothing in 9i Rel 2. Hmmm... wonder if I followed this principle for some of the bugs in our Applications......... ;)  

 I will talk about this, and a few other things, in my Quick Tips Sessions, on AUM and FBQ, at the IOUG Conf next month.  

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I wrote a script to fix the problem in 9202, but don't tell Oracle ... we want them to fix the bug. as soon as they know there is a workaround, the priority on the bug will go down. Log a iTar and request a patch ... the bug# is 2506744


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Does anybody know a way to monitor the number of transactions occurring over time, say 5 minute or 10 minute intervals? I am looking at v$undostat and it appears to have a problem accumulating transactions under txncount when it should report over a 10 minute interval ( metalink doc# 260990.995, query v$undostat)


05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03         38                  161519 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03         24                  161468 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03          1                  161227 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03          4          161075 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03         71          160881 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03       6932          160748 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03          8          160073 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03      14545          159887 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03      19588          159010 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03       2333          157084 

05-MAR-03 05-MAR-03       6972          152649  

the undo blocks appear correct, but transactions are accumulating. Does anybody know how to use v$transaction or another view to do this? This is 9iRel2 on Unix and the application is geared toward transaction processing.


David Ehresmann

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