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RE: system trivia (groove/programming): DOS prompt/etc and choppy

From: Mark Leith <>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 06:57:08 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Kevin, the latter of my response was to ep, and actually as I re-read it, I didn't explain fully. What I actually meant was to check whether the audio device (your sound card) is sharing an IRQ # with another device, such as your network card - or it could even be your hard drive. What will then happen is when you are playing a CD, you go to boot a program, and you HD has to do work to pull the program in to memory - but this disrupts your sound card as they are both sharing the same interrupt request.. <SPAN
Just a
thought really..

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  size=2>-----Original Message-----From:   []On Behalf Of Kevin KostyszynSent:   Tuesday, August 28, 2001 15:18To: Multiple recipients of list   ORACLE-LSubject: RE: system trivia (groove/programming): DOS   prompt/etc and choppy
  sure that I am having trouble with setup. It's just that the burner is not   burning at 12x and I don't know why.  It's on it's own seperate IDE port   so it really shouldn't be complaining about anything!   <FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial

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    size=2>-----Original Message-----From:     []On Behalf Of Mark LeithSent:     Tuesday, August 28, 2001 5:36 AMTo: Multiple recipients of list     ORACLE-LSubject: RE: system trivia (groove/programming): DOS     prompt/etc and choppy
    use Nero here,  and have no complaints with it.


    class=773560608-28082001>One thing to bear in mind - do you have any     conflicts with your IRQ settings? If you are on Win2K, then you can go to     admin tools / Computer Management - and take a look in the <System     Information / Hardware Resources / Conflicts/Sharing> tree, it should     tell you there. There is also a folder for IRQs, which will tell you what     IRQ each component is set to.

    not on Win2K then you can look at your IRQ settings within your BIOS set-up,     usually within PNP Configuration I think - but don't hold me to that :P     



    class=773560608-28082001>What is the set up you are having problems with Ep?     




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    class=773560608-28082001> -----Original     Message-----From: []On     Behalf Of Kevin KostyszynSent: Monday, August 27, 2001     17:51To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-LSubject:     RE: system trivia (groove/programming): DOS prompt/etc and     choppy     

      <FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial 
      size=2>We use a Plextor at my office and I run Veritas Backup Exec, surf 
      the internet or any other programs and have never had a problem.  
      Very impressive burner.  Now my one at home is being a big pain in 
      the arse because it doesn't want to operate at it's maximum transfer 
      speed.  very troubling...
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        size=2>-----Original Message-----From: 
        []On Behalf Of Kimberly 
        SmithSent: Monday, August 27, 2001 12:06 PMTo: 
        Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-LSubject: RE: system 
        trivia (groove/programming): DOS prompt/etc and 
        <FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial 
        size=2>I don't think its memory related at all.  I have more then 
        enough for what I do and it does 
        <FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial 
        size=2>the same thing.  That being said, before I cut a music CD it 
        even tells me not to launch
        <FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial 
        size=2>any other applications as it is a "sensitive operation".  I 
        have been snared where I was
        <FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial 
        size=2>making a mp3 and I launched an application and now there is a 
        dead spot in the song.
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          size=2>-----Original Message-----From: Koivu, Lisa 
          []Sent: Monday, August 27, 
          2001 7:11 AMTo: Multiple recipients of list 
          ORACLE-LSubject: OT: system trivia (groove/programming): 
          DOS prompt/etc and choppy
          Really?  I thought it 
          was only because my personal pc has so little memory.   I 
          run into that behavior with explorer and playing mp3's at the same 
          time.  This also becomes a problem when burning a cd or changing 
          formats, and even though I leave it alone, sometimes it ends up a bit 
          How much memory do you have, 
          EP?  If I remember right you are the gamer and bought the big 
          huge system for the pc games? 
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            From:   <FONT 
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            Sent:   <FONT 
            face=Arial size=1>Saturday, August 25, 2001 6:51 PM 
            <FONT face=Arial 
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            Re: system trivia (groove/programming): DOS 
            prompt/etc and choppy sound 
            Here's a stab in the dark: 
            Windows still doesn't know how to 
            gracefully handle software 
            On Friday 24 August 2001 18:15, Eric D. 
            Pierce wrote: > system trivia 
            question: > <FONT 
            face=Arial size=2>> when using windows explorer, etc., dos prompt 
            (e.g., sqlplus) and > running 
            music CD, the sound get choppy intermittently, usually when 
            > starting a program, or when 
            opening/saving files. > 
            > why? <FONT face=Arial 
            size=2>> > thanks, 
            > ep <FONT face=Arial 
            size=2>> > <FONT 
            face=Arial size=2>> <FONT face=Arial 
            size=2>> > <FONT 
            face=Arial size=2>> ok, if you reeeeeeeeeeeeally *have* *to* 
            *know*: > <FONT 
            face=Arial size=2>> <A 
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