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2 London (UK) Jobs. Oracle Tools Developers 18 months exp.

From: John Thomas <oracle_at_TORONTO.DEMON.CO.UK>
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 20:33:06 +0000
Message-Id: <>

Apologies in advance if you object to jobs postings.

MAT Transport (based in Shoreditch, just north of the Broadgate Centre/Liverpool St) is looking for two Development Team members.

Both positions will need more than a years commercial development experience using Forms 3.0, SQL*Plus and PL/SQL. Report*Writer 1.1 experience would also be desirable.

MAT Transport is an "International Freight Forwarder", founded in the 1920s. The company maintains several hundred trailers and provides logistical services to move goods from customer sites to just about anywhere. The majority of business is shipments to & from continental Europe.

We have 12 branches in the UK and five in Europe. These are served by three databases in the UK on two Digital Alphas with approx 10 Gigabytes of disk as well as three European databases
on Digital VAXes in Zeebrugge. The main UK system's peak load is 120 users.

We run Oracle RDBMS 7.1.3 on Digital Alphas running under OpenVMS 6.1 - experience of VMS is not essential.

Upgrade to Developer/2000 is planned for 1996.

The Development Team is small (and friendly!) with four members at full strength, often supplemented by the DBA. We are part of an IT Department with a separate Operations section supervised overall by a MAT director.

We spend roughly 25% of our time supporting Oracle systems dating back to 1986, 25% doing adhoc jobs including developing reports for directors. The rest of the time is spent on development of new systems or providing enhancements to existing systems.

The size of the team does not allow for heavy documentation requirements or development methodologies.

We still have Forms V2.3 triggers, but a conversion tool has been purchased and the team is converting the 300 forms as time allows. The new recruits would not be expected to work on V2.3 triggers.

If you're interested, or know someone who might be, call Lynne Stirling, "Group Personnel Executive" on 0171 410 6346 for further details. Please do not send e-mail to me - this is a personal account.

John Thomas Received on Thu Feb 29 1996 - 20:44:12 CST

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