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clustering vs. reorganization [message #134982] Mon, 29 August 2005 05:15
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I'm afraid of using your help so extensively, but I'll promise to keep this short.

I've created a cluster with cluster table and cluster index. But I think I did not get the point of this. I did specify my wanted column so the data will get ordered by that, and it works.
But I don't understand how to use this cluster at all. Do I have to transfer all my data from my old table to the cluster table? And do I have to rewrite every code which targets the old table?
What if I just would create a new table with a command like
create table TEST_SORTED
tablespace USERS
storage (initial 100k next 100k minextents 1 maxextents unlimited pctincrease 0)
select * from TEST_UNSORTED
order by gehalt;

where "gehalt" is my column which I want to be ordered.
Or even better, make a backup of the old table, dropping the original and creating a table with the same name as the old table using a command similiar to the above?

I've read some information using google about clustering and reorganizing, but I could not answer these questions.

P.S. There is additional information regarding my problem here http://www.orafaq.com/forum/t/50920/75810/

Thank you,
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