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Runaway sessions cpu infinite loop [message #677068] Wed, 14 August 2019 14:37
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Hey all,

I've been dealing with an issue of sessions going away and never coming back, the user kills them and they continue to run and eat up a good chunk of cpu. Upon tracing them we find that the trace file is just an infinite loop of calls to a specific query. The first one we encountered was setting a record group with a query in a form. The call to this record group would cause the hang and the trace would just show repeated calls of this query. After commenting this out it ran fairly smoothly for a few weeks then we started running into it again. It seemed to do it intermittently however just in the past day I was developing a form and created an LOV which at first seemed to function in the environment. I was able to get it to bring up the list except I realized I linked the data to the wrong field. After fixing this any attempt to call the lov now locks the form, a trace on the session once again shows an infinite loop to the record group query associated with the lov. I have tried recreating the fields, lov and record group as well as modifying the query slightly(its a very basic query that works fine when run directly against the db) but nothing seems to fix it. I'm kind of at a loss as to what the cause of this is but it has been plaguing the system for quite some time. Any help would be appreciated. Any searched for specifically LOV or Record group runaway sessions with cpu usage doesnt turn up anything specific.
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