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help audit trail how to set up [message #50160] Mon, 04 March 2002 10:38 Go to next message
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Hi there

I need to set audit trail for oracle server's 8170, 8160 and 8060. I need to see what this user is doing like logging in, loggin out etc.. I have no clue how to do it or how to view it. Can someone please help me with this

Re: help audit trail how to set up [message #50198 is a reply to message #50160] Tue, 05 March 2002 16:53 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Here is tep to setup the AUDIT in server.
1. Chance parrameter file(initSID.ora) for AUDIT setting and shutdown and startup database.
- Set this parameter to OS/DB/NONE. (They have three type of AUDIT. OS - on OS file, DB - on database SYS.AUD$ and NONE - disable AUDIT)

- shutdown and startup
SVRMGR shutdown normal;

SVRMGR startup;

check the AUDIT setting
SVRMGRL select name,value from v$parameter where name like 'aud%'; -- you will see the setting as below
AUDIT_FILE_DEST=path for OS audit.

check the audit table.
SVRMGRselect * from sys.aud$;
SVRMGRselect * from dba_audit_trail; -- if these tables are not found in this database then you need to execute the script to generate AUDIT's table. Here is the script ORACLE_HOME path/rdbms/admin/cataudit.sql

Option-execute the script (with sys user)
SVRMGR@ORACLE_HOME path/rdbms/admin/cataudit.sql

2. After the database is set to audit then you can start to audit the database.
In Audit, it has three type, OBJECT,PRIVILEGES and STATEMENT.

SVRMGRaudit select,delete,update on schema.object by session/access;
After this object is access by select,update or update. Thehn you can find the record in SYS.AUD$ and DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL.

SVRMGRaudit create table by username;

SVRMGRLaudit table by username;

- no audit
SVRMGRnoaudit select on schema.tablename;

- audit will cause performance problem if too many auditing on database.
- cleanup sys.aud$ table if the data is not used.
- audit SYS.AUD$ to makesure no one chance SYS.AUD$ with this .
SVRMGRaudit select,update,delete on sys.aud$ by access;
- grant SYSTEM AUDIT privileges to admin user only. Because this privileges is allowed to set auditing.
- more detail in Oracle documentation.

Hope this is helping. Thanks
Re: help audit trail how to set up [message #53991 is a reply to message #50198] Wed, 23 October 2002 04:02 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Thanks for ur reply.But I am not able to be successful,after doing the above.Can U please say the reason.No records are getting into dictionary tables.

Re: help audit trail how to set up [message #54045 is a reply to message #50198] Fri, 25 October 2002 08:31 Go to previous message
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Actually, i don't the problem, but i think

1. You need to restart you server.

2. After the setting, you need to do something for active the audit on centain process like delete record, drop table or something else.

Hope this is helping.
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