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I am getting an error whenever I attempt to save a record.

My form has a number of none table datablocks and one database block. I have traced the program and only one commit_form is being entered and I keep getting the 40405 error.

I have attempted to trap in an form level on-error trigger but that doesn't fire for this error. Please help.
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It appears that there are no changes within the data block at the moment you perform commit. So - do you really have to commit? Perhaps you could check it with
if :system.form_status = 'CHANGED' then
end if;

Otherwise, if commit is there because you explicitly modified database (with, for example, INSERT or UPDATE statements), then you might try with
instead of COMMIT_FORM.
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In case anyone is interested ... I was looking in the wrong place, but I
finally found the problem. The spurious 40405 messages were the result of
the fact that this is a multi-form application. Several forms stay open at
the same time. Among other changes that I made, I changed the open_form call
to "no_session" rather than "session". At the time I did not catch the fact
that as a result, a commit on any open form caused the system to attempt to
commit all open forms. Since nothing was changing on the other forms, they
were returning a "No changes to apply" message (40405). I couldn't find the
40405 message on form I was working with because the form I was looking at
wasn't raising the error. Instead, it was being raised on the background
forms and when I got back to back messages, the message line pushed the
message to an alert box. Once I identified the cause, I could actually
switch between forms and see the 40405 message on the message line of each
form. As a former DBA, I don't want multiple sessions out there so I want to
leave the open_form as "no_session". The workable but not elegant solution
that I came up with was to put an ON-ERROR trigger at the form level on all
forms to trap the 40405 message.
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I found the best solution .
Form A called Form B .
put this code in Form A :

ON-ERROR trigger (form level) :
errnum number := error_code;
errtxt varchar2(80) := error_text;
errtyp varchar2(3) := error_type;
IF (errnum = 40405 ) THEN NULL ;
Message(errtyp||'-'||to_char(errnum)||': '||errtxt);
end if;
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Michel Cadot
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The solution you "found" is what has been posted 4 years ago.

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