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1 Forum: Client Tools «» Posted on: Wed, 04 January 2017 14:18 «» By: mikek
Re: abut toad 12.10
Hi, Searched the Web using the string: ora-02248 toad This will possibly give some clues, a couple of Websites I found refer to an issue with the NLS_LANG Parameter. Since Dell owns TOAD their website maybe more relevant. https://support.softwar...
2 Forum: Text & interMedia «» Posted on: Wed, 23 September 2015 02:25 «» By: devan0165
Re: Oracle Text tuning
I was testing the below sql statement:- alter session set workarea_size_policy=manual; alter session set sort_area_size=2147483647; alter session set sort_hash_size=2147483647; select value from v$mystat where statistic# = (select statistic# from v$s...
3 Forum: SQL & PL/SQL «» Posted on: Wed, 28 May 2014 13:05 «» By: BlackSwan
Re: Delete getting stuck
>alter session set trace=false >Error encountered: ORA-02248 not as above, but as below ALTER SESSION SET SQL_TRACE=TRUE; ALTER SESSION SET SQL_TRACE=FALSE; is CTX.TNUM indexed? are statistics current on CTX & tnum_temp_purge_master...
4 Forum: SQL & PL/SQL «» Posted on: Wed, 28 May 2014 12:54 «» By: azeem87
Re: Delete getting stuck
hi, i happened to run this delete again and it was stuck today, cancelled it reconnected with a different session, started trace and then delete statements. didn't finished in 10 mins.. so cancelled the deleted.. please find the output from trace. The s...
5 Forum: Reports & Discoverer «» Posted on: Sun, 25 August 2013 11:53 «» By: Michel Cadot
Re: ORA-02248
ORA-02248: invalid option for ALTER SESSION *Cause: Obvious. *Action: see SQL Language Manual for legal options. Activate SQL*Net trace on the client side to see the statement. Regards Michel
6 Forum: Reports & Discoverer «» Posted on: Sun, 25 August 2013 11:11 «» By: emadnabil
Dear all, I got this error when try to connect to the database using discover administrator or user edition ora - 02248 : invalid option for ALTER SESSION N.B i can connect to the database with sqlplus with no problem so please help
7 Forum: Reports & Discoverer «» Posted on: Mon, 27 February 2012 05:41 «» By: tauseefcafe
Unable to Connect to DB from Reports10g
Hi, I have installed Windows7 64bit on my laptop and then installed Reports10G. I am not able to connect to DB from Reports10g, Its gives below error - REP-0501: Unable to connect to the specified database ORA-02248: Invalid Option for ALTER SESS...

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