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OOW - Day 1 - Blogger's perks.

Claudia Zeiler - Mon, 2008-09-22 01:05
OOW'08 - Day 1. I spent the day in the 11g New Features Exam Cram. A couple of people encouraged me to try the exam. I have never touched 11g. I took the course as an intro to 11g, not as a refresher before the exam. If I passed the certification after just this, then the OCP really is meaningless. I prefer to actually know what I'm being tested on when taking an exam.

I happened to be seated next to
, who apparently does work with Oracle 11g and is ready for the exam. I wish him all the best on the exam.

Fuad's conference badge had a large 'Blogger' written in bright orange on the case. I know that I signed up for one. I asked at the registration desk, and they gave me a 'Blogger' badge too. I lined up for the Keynote Address. Immediately, the ushers pushed me out of the main line and into a smaller line for press & bloggers. I was led to a special area of the auditiorium saved for bloggers - a long table set up so that we could record every golden world of Mary Matalin & James Carville. For Pete's sake! I think this 'Blogger' badge is going to have some strange side effects.

Then this evening I was able to get together with all of the other Oracle Bloggers who I have been following for a year. That was really special. What a nice bunch of people!

Arriving San Francisco – OOW2008 day 1.

Pawel Barut - Sun, 2008-09-21 19:41
Written by Paweł Barut
My trip to San Francisco went well. No delays, no problems with flight reservation – see what happened to Tim. I had small problems with hotel reservation, but finally everything is fine – I’m in different hotel then I’ve reserved. I’m suffering little from jet-lag. I slept an hour or two in plane, and then I could not sleep during night. So I feel little tired. The weather in SF is great, especially when comparing to very cold and rainy weather in Krakow last week.

My first experience of San Fracinsco is not very good. Seems to be not very friendly, and is definitely not of my style. I might change my mind when see more places in SF. But Oracle Conference is organized very well, so my attitude is improving :).

For today, I’ve planned mostly session regarding Security and Identity management. First of those session “Oracle Security Risk” was very good. Especially speaker Tanya Baccam from SANS.org was impressive. Presentation was about common problems with security in web based and forms application that use Oracle DB as backend. One type of attack was new to me: CSRF – Cross Site Request Forgery.

Next one was Security Roundtable – lot of questions from audience on variety of topics. Most hot one: applying CPU patches, Auditing, DB Valut, Encrypting data and transmissions.

Then was Oracle Identity Management lead by Matt Topper. Good overview of identity products from Oracle stack.

My last one session “Storage: A New Paradigm for Database” was also very good session. Ari Kaplan show now storage solutions can improve Backup/Restore times for database and decrease demand for storage space. He also presented new RAID-DP concept, and claims that it can provide better performance, with lower storage demand, and provide higher availability. This is something that I need to investigate in more details.

For the evening I’m going to take part in Bloggers Meetup.

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Coding or drag-and-dropping?

Raimonds Simanovskis - Sun, 2008-09-21 16:00

Today was my first day at Oracle OpenWorld and here are my first impressions from the sessions I attended.

The first one was Building Web 2.0 Social Applications in Ruby on Rails with BEA AquaLogic Interaction by Chris Bucchere where he explained how they built social application for BEA conference participants. And it was interesting to see also some code examples from this application that he presented.


And then after that I participated in three Oracle Develop hands-on sessions about Oracle SOA suite and WebCenter. I signed up for these sessions because I thought that they will be more technical and code-intensive compared to other sessions.

As a result I spent three hours in Oracle JDeveloper but all I was doing was dragging-and-dropping and filling some pop-up dialog boxes. I did not write single line of Java code during these workshops. And as a result I had just vague idea why all the dragged components worked together.

Having experience of coding in Ruby and trying to create small and beautiful code this drag-and-drop development did not feel quite natural for me. And I am afraid that this drag-and-drop development approach will create bunch of developers who will not be able to create real code anymore.

The other consequences of this drag-and-drop style coding is that it is hard to version control the resulting generated code and it is also much harder to unit test such generated code. Probably this is the reason why I could not find any OpenWorld session about unit testing and test-driven development.

Am I missing some hidden beauty of drag-and-drop development? Or am I spoiled with beauty of Ruby?

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Apex beats Access

Geert De Paep - Sun, 2008-09-21 14:18

This year I became part of the parents council of my childrens school. And like every small organisation in Belgium (football clubs, gymnastics, schools, …) it is the time of year to do the annual mussel-event for fund raising (mmm, delicious). My school happened to use an Access-IIS-ASP application to do the billing when people leave the event (do the calculation for their food and drink consumptions). But o fortuna, the evening before the event, the application turned out to systematically crash when entering data, and murphy oh murphy, the author of it had just become father and could not be reached. Panic of course.

Wasn’t it that I happened to have an old laptop with Oracle XE (and hence Apex) installed and I said: give me two hours. The data model was very simple: one table with all food, drinks and prices, a second table for the history of all orders and payments and then some screens calculating amounts multiplied by price and summing it up.

And then you see how great Apex is. In two hours indeed, I could make a fully functional, nice looking and robust application with an operational and an admin part, including various reports. It worked like a charm and the school team was astounished that such a core part of their administration could be made in such little time. Considering the alternative they would have considered otherwise (Excel, not keeping any history of all consumptions, so preventing us to plan our inventory for next year), this was a great solution. I hope it may open the way for more Apex applications in the school, because Apex is really a great tool.

P.S. I won’t use my blog for not telling that I won’t go to OOW with no flight number and not staying in any hotel, as I think that it is quite a waste of bandwidth spending complete blog posts on the practical arrangements of OOW trips. I am really waiting for the real technical posts and experiences of all those people there.

San Francisco

Oracle Apex Notebook - Sun, 2008-09-21 11:41
I’m in San Francisco for the Oracle OpenWorld 2008 where I’ll be participating in one of the official sessions under the title “Building Commercial Software-as-a-Service Applications with Oracle Application Express”. I’ve arrived yesterday around 6:30 PM after a tiring 18 hours long trip. I’ve started at Oporto Airport where I took a plain to Lisbon, then Philadelphia and finally San Francisco.
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One year blogging

Oracle Apex Notebook - Sun, 2008-09-21 11:00
Yes, that is right. This blog is one year old. I thank all of you out there for coming around, reading what I want to say about APEX. Thanks a ton. I hope you will stick with me for the next year too. Top 10 of most visited posts: Check all checkboxes Javascript Calendar Integration Colorful web forms Javascript Tooltip Integration Substitution string and SQL Developer Populate date field
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Me @ Oracle World

Carl Backstrom - Sat, 2008-09-20 18:42
Been awhile since I've posted. That whole work thing will get in the way of that on occasion.

Anyway for people heading to Oracle World .

I'll be helping run the APEX hands on lab.

S298611, 10:30 - 11:30 at Golden Gate A2, Marriott
Hands-on Lab: Extending the Oracle Application Express Framework with Web 2.0

and also will have my very own session

S298613, 17:30 - 18:30 at Salon 14/15, Marriott
Web 2.0 Development with Oracle Application Express

Past that I will be ducking in and out of sessions and unconference events as well as working the APEX booth (by far my favorite part of Oracle World).

I'm pretty excited about this years Oracle World as APEX seems to be , is ;) , huge this year.

I'll be posting updates here on http://twitter.com/carlback and on http://friendfeed.com/carlback so feel free to follow along I'll do my best to keep everyone in loop.

If your at Oracle World please stop by the APEX booth and say hello, and if your not feel free to send me questions through the above service , or http://mix.oracle.com and I'll do my best to answer them or corner someone that can.

P.S. You know it's going to be a long week when Raj calls me up because he heard a rumor I'm already in SF ;) watch that guy he's trouble, but his session will be awesome!!!!

.NET and Windows OpenWorld Sessions Filling Up Fast!

Christian Shay - Tue, 2008-09-16 10:23

Summary: Seats are filling up fast for Oracle OpenWorld .NET and Windows sessions, so use Schedule Builder and reserve a seat for yourself today!

Oracle OpenWorld will be taking over the city of San Francisco next week (September 21-25th). And once again we bring back the popular "Oracle Develop", a special 2 day intensive track of content created specifically for the Oracle developer - including a .NET developer track.

This years Oracle Develop .NET track will provide comprehensive coverage of Oracle's .NET technologies including new Oracle Database 11g features, introductory material, and deep dive content. Oracle Develop is perfect for all levels of Oracle on .NET developers, from beginner to advanced. In addition to sessions we also have a .NET Hands on Lab, which lets you get your hands dirty and take Visual Studio 2008 for a joyride! Mark Williams, the author, .NET guru and OTN "Ace Director" who has probably answered one of your questions over at the ODP.NET Forum, will be on hand with me at the hands on lab to take your questions.

Once you register, I strongly urge you to use Schedule Builder to reserve seats in the sessions you are most interested in. I recommend doing so as many of our .NET and Windows sessions look like they are getting close to capacity.

If you can't make it to Oracle Develop content this year, please visit us in the Exhibition Hall (in the database area) for your own personalized demo of our latest features from an Oracle expert.
The .NET booth is booth L41 and Windows database booth is L19.

Oracle Develop .NET Sessions at a Glance

  • NET Data Caching: Client Result Cache and Database Change Notification to Maximize Performance
  • Building Microsoft Office Applications with Oracle Database and Visual Studio
  • PL/SQL Programming for .NET Developers: Tips, Tricks, and Debugging
  • Getting Started with Oracle and .NET
  • Database Development Lifecycle with Visual Studio: SQL, PL/SQL,.NET Stored Procedures, Source Control, and Deployment
  • Hands-on Lab: Building .NET Applications with Oracle
  • Optimizing .NET Data Access Performance with Oracle Database
  • New Oracle Features for .NET Developers
  • ASP.NET Web Development with Oracle

Windows Database Sessions

  • What's New for Windows and .NET in Oracle Database 11g
  • Active Directory and Windows Security Integration with Oracle Database
  • Best Practices for Oracle Database Performance on Windows
  • Best Practices for Oracle Database and Client Deployment on Windows

Preparing for Oracle OpenWorld 2008

Pawel Barut - Sat, 2008-09-13 04:41
Written by Paweł Barut
It's just few days left to Oracle OpenWorld 2008. First of all my trip starts on Saturday 20th at 13:00 in Kraków, Poland. Then I switch planes in Munich, Germany, and land in San Francisco at 19:20. Just 6 hours ahead, but when I add 9 hours difference in time zones, that it adds up to over 15 hours travel. The worst thing will be adaptation to totally different timezone. I will stay in Americas Best Value Inn at Hallam Street - I hope this is in reasonable walking distance from Moscone Center. I've created an map on Google Maps - the street view feature is great - now I know how the hotel neighborhood looks like. I've also checked transportation services by BART.
And the most important thing - My OOW2008 Schedule:

I do not expect big changes in this schedule, but still, some smaller changes are possible. I could skip one or more sessions to see Exhibition Hall or go for Unconference.
I'm also looking forward for meeting other Oracle Bloggers during Blogger Meetup organized by Eddie Awad.
Update: I forgot to mention about After Dark at Oracle OpenWorld where are evening parties listed.

See you in San Francisco,

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oracle-validated RPM also available on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Update 2 media

Sergio's Blog - Thu, 2008-09-11 00:23

In the comments on my previous post on the Oracle validated RPM, Frank points out that this RPM is also available on the Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 installation media, starting with Update 2. You can download" Oracle Enterprise Linux from edelivery.

I learned something new today!

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Collective Intelligence 1: Building a RSS Feed Archive

Marcos Campos - Mon, 2008-09-08 22:10
For a long time I have thought that we needed data mining books written for developers. Most data mining books are written for business or data analysts. Given that, it was a pleasant surprise to read Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications by Toby Segaran. The book provides a good discussion on data mining concepts anchored with interesting examples. It also Marcoshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/14756167848125664628noreply@blogger.com5
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Back to real life

Oracle Apex Notebook - Mon, 2008-09-08 11:12
After 15 well deserved :) days of vacations in the sunny Algarve (south Portugal) I'm back to work. It is hard when I think that just two days ago I was at those wonderful beaches, eating fresh sea fish... However, not everything went fine :( I just had one of the major sports disillusion, provoked by a bad referee decision. I've just noticed that while I was away some things happened in the
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This blog in a cloud

Oracle Apex Notebook - Mon, 2008-09-08 11:11
After reading this post by Jake Kuramoto, I was curious to see how Apex Notebook blog looks like in a word cloud. Here is the result: Wordle is a service for generating word clouds from text sources like blog feeds. The words that appear more frequently in the source text are bigger in the final image.
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Get server URL in Apex

Oracle Apex Notebook - Mon, 2008-09-08 11:11
Some time ago, I had this requirement to send to the application end users, links to specific pages passing some parameters. The problem was obtaining the full URL including the server's name and port where APEX was running. The OWA_UTIL package contains utility subprograms for getting the value of environment variables. Specifically the OWA_UTIL.GET_CGI_ENV function returns the value of CGI
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Where to Download Oracle VM Templates

Sergio's Blog - Mon, 2008-09-08 03:28

Wim recently blogged about Oracle VM Templates, announced a few weeks ago. If you're interested in them, you can download them from edelivery.oracle.com/oraclevm.


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Oracle enhanced adapter presentation at RejectConf in Berlin

Raimonds Simanovskis - Fri, 2008-09-05 16:00

I just returned from RailsConf Europe in Berlin and attended a lot of good Ruby and Rails related sessions.

I also tried to submit there my session proposal about using Rails with Oracle but as there were too many good proposals and as my topic was with too narrow topic then it was not accepted. Therefore I used opportunity to give 5 minutes presentation about Oracle enhanced adapter in RejectConf where anybody could present anything.

Here are my slides that I used in this presentation. And at least one participant was interested in this topics as he uses Rails and Oracle and did not know about my adapter.

My next public appearance is planned at Oracle OpenWorld unconference where I have recerved time slot on Thursday, September 25th at 10am. Please come there if you are attending Oracle OpenWorld and are interested in how to use Ruby on Rails with your legacy Oracle databases.

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Back to the future - or is that forward to the past

Nigel Thomas - Thu, 2008-09-04 13:30
I'm starting a new contract this coming Monday. I'd better keep the client confidential until I've found out how they feel about blogs, but the job revolves around data matching and data quality, using Oracle and SSA.

At the interview, I found myself less than 100m from the site of my first ever "proper" job (the old Scicon offices are now an upmarket West End hotel). So just 28 years and 1 month later, I will be sauntering along Oxford Street once again.

I'll be commuting daily at first, but I will try to stay down during the week at least some of the time if I can find somewhere cheap, clean and convenient. Any old colleagues around central London - sometime between now and Christmas we should meet up ...

New Browsers and Oracle EPM

Oracle EPM Smart Space - Thu, 2008-09-04 12:08

Whenever there are new browser technologies I am interested to see how our existing EPM products will do in them.  Right now there are 2 large browser betas first IE8 and second Google Chrome.  Both are nice browsers with rich application support but they are both betas so there are plenty of bugs.  I tried IE8 first because IE is the most popular browser and it usually does a nice job with our EPM products.

imageI was able to open Oracle EPM workspace in IE8 and logged in just fine.  The explorer screen showed up and I was able to select and open a report.  Opening the report caused a Java script error that messed up my navigation from that point on.  The script errors caused frustration but it was useable.


clip_image002[5]I tried the same thing with Chrome and got nowhere fast.  I got a gray screen when trying to load the logon page and it just kept trying to load...  I tried 9.3.1 to see if the older stuff was any better and it let me login and get to the explorer screen but I could not navigate.


So the only conclusion I can come to is that for EPM products stick to supported browsers and use the betas to play with other web sites. 

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Indian Megavendors

Krishanu Bose - Wed, 2008-09-03 14:02

The other day i was reading an article in http://specials.rediff.com/money/2008/aug/13slide1.htm on India's top three IT companies. As per this article, Gartner has come out with a report in which they predict that, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Technologies, and Wipro Technologies, collectively referred as 'India-3,' will emerge as the next generation of IT service megavendors. These vendors are increasingly being considered for strategic service deals, and will augment or, in some cases, replace today's acknowledged megavendors by revenue -- IBM Global Services, Accenture and EDS -- in this space by 2011, says Gartner.

Obviously this means there will be a lot of consolidation that is bound to happen in the IT space in India, as there are a lot of tier-2 firms who cannot match the pace of growth of the top 3 firms in India. This means some of these small IT companies will be forced to sell out as the war on margins and cornering a portion of the relatively fixed marketshare will become more acute. However, for the top-3 to actually reach the levels of present generation megavendors, apart from the cost advantage, they have to position on other parameters as well. The article talks of four critical competencies on which the emerging Indian megavendors are positioning themselves.

The competencies are: process excellence; world-class HR practices; providing high quality services at a low cost; the achievement of significant and disproportionate 'mind share' compared to their actual size.

However, the catch is to continue providing high quality services at a low cost and yet try and increase the mind-share further. With wage bills increasing and worries over global slowdown, maintaining low cost is definitely a big challenge. However, i feel where Indian top-3 companies are critically lacking is in thought-leadership. The culture of innovation and path-breaking developments is still not visible. The present day megavendors have primarily reached this position due to a large investment in innovation and thought-leadership. Anyways, interesting times ahead for all in tough situations, and obviously only the toughest will survive and prosper.


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