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Printing Barcode tag from Oracle Applications

Sat, 2016-12-10 17:53
Healthcare is treated as one of the asset intensive industry. In healthcare/life science there are processes for fixed assets that requires that barcode tags bearing globally unique numbers be affixed to all tangible assets listed as on the Fixed Asset register. Normally companies prefer to have asset tag printed from the system on pre-printed stationary […]
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Oracle Student Cloud’s aka Oracle CX for Higher Education

Sat, 2016-10-29 06:53
Oracle Student Cloud’s new Oracle CX for Higher Education uses Oracle’s intuitive mobile technology to help recruiters boost their pipeline by targeting and qualifying best-fit prospects via social, email, and SMS CRM capabilities. Oracle Student Recruiting Cloud’s embedded analytics also help improve forecasting and monitor and optimize recruiters’ performance in their territories. Student Engagement broadly […]
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Oracle Buys NetSuite

Mon, 2016-08-01 11:26
Oracle set the ball rolling with Netsuite acquisition. Oracle OpenWorld Keynote—Cloud Innovation, Mike Hurd (Oracle CEO) predicted that by year 2025 - "Two software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite providers will have 80 percent of the cloud enterprise application market. I volunteer us to be one of them Everything came full circle with NetSuite last week, when Oracle […]
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Positive Pay Implementation – Step by Step Guide

Tue, 2016-07-26 10:27
Now that you know what Positive Pay is, you need to find out how to start using Positive Pay. First, we need to start by saying that EVERY bank handles Positive Pay differently. The steps/outline presented here are just a representation of what the most common implementation procedure could look like. 1. Contact your bank […]
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Understanding Positive Pay

Mon, 2016-07-25 10:36
Positive Pay can best be described as a fraud prevention program or tool. Technology has increasingly facilitated the ability of criminals to create counterfeit checks and false identification that can be used to engage in fraudulent check activities. As a result, companies must adopt practices to protect against check fraud. Positive pay can provide this […]
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Release 12.2.5 AR Enhacement : Apply Receipts Automatically based on Match Score and Knapsack Method

Sat, 2016-07-23 09:30
This is one of R12.2.5 Enhancement in EBS AR. The Automatic Cash Application improves accuracy and on-time application of cash receipts with the introduction of two new methods for automatically applying cash receipts. The first method generates match scores using the Levenshtein distance algorithm and automatically applies the receipt based on a score threshold. The […]
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Oracle Data Relationship Management Analytics

Sat, 2016-07-23 06:07
The following Patch Set Updates have been released Recently for Oracle Data Relationship Management Patch 23236297 - PATCH SET UPDATE: ORACLE DATA RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - Patch 23750023 - PATCH SET UPDATE: DATA RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ANALYTICS - Oracle Data Relationship Management Analytics is a capstone dashboard and reporting application that draws upon the […]
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Its all about DRG(Data Relationship Governance)

Fri, 2016-07-22 10:47
You know, Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) is a web-based user-friendly platform for users to manage enterprise dimensions. The application provides many features such as SOX-compliant auditing, powerful and highly customizable business rule enforcement, versioning capabilities for storing historical views of dimensions, and multiple integration formats. Within DRM , DRG adds configurable, collaborative workflow to […]
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Data governance

Fri, 2016-07-22 10:25
Data governance is not a technology or a system but a set of processes and the organizational structure that governs the usage of all data assets of an enterprise. Data governance represents the convergence of data quality, data management, data policies,business process management, and risk management surrounding the handling of information as an asset within […]
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Thu, 2016-07-21 06:18
Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) is an enterprise change management solution for building and retaining consistency within master data assets despite endless changes necessary to support underlying transactional and analytical systems. The Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) Suite is an integrated solution that helps enterprises master, govern and analyze enterprise dimensions, hierarchies and related attributes […]
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Legal Entity Document Sequencing in Receivables

Thu, 2016-01-07 02:55
You need to consider these points when you are trying setup Legal Entity Document Sequencing in Receivables You can set up your primary ledger to allow document sequencing at the legal entity level instead of at the ledger level. This means if you have more than one legal entity assigned to the same ledger, you […]
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Happy New Year 2016 , best wishes to all

Sat, 2016-01-02 01:49
This the season to be jolly! Time truly flies when you are doing the things you love and with another year behind us, we can't help but feel a little nostalgic and look back at what the past twelve months have brought us. It was a busy year at personal and professional side .In terms […]
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Oracle Management Cloud : The Next Generation Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics IT Tool

Sat, 2016-01-02 01:21
Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) is a suite of next-generation integrated monitoring, management, and analytics cloud services built on a scalable big data platform that provides real-time analysis and deep technical and business insights. With OMC you can eliminate disparate silos across end-user and infrastructure data, troubleshoot problems quickly,and run IT like a business OCM meets […]
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Multi-Element Arrangements

Sat, 2015-11-07 07:10
Multi-element arrangement aka occurs when a vendor agrees to provide more than one product or a combination of products and services to a customer in an arrangement. Multi-element arrangements may include additional software products, rights to purchase additional software products at a significant incremental discount, specified upgrades or enhancements, hardware, PCS or other services. Multiple-element […]
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