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From: Anne & Lynn Wheeler <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 15:47:17 -0400
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paul c <> writes:
> Relational theory is not only widely misunderstood but its application
> remains incomplete so it makes sense to me that FP and the other
> lights should continue to finish their work. Codd didn't give up just
> because the powerful IMS factions tried to sabotage him. It seems most
> of FP's critics had similar vested interests.

IMS rivalry was more friendly than that ... I worked with Jim in system/r days and when he left for tandem ... one of the things he tries to palm off on me is consulting with IMS group.

It was EAGLE (IMS followon) that was going to be the grand & glorious ... folklore is that with the whole corporation focused on EAGLE ... that it was possible to do the system/r technology transfer from bldg. 28 to endicott ... to get out SQL/DS.

It wasn't until EAGLE implodes that they asked how fast could there be a port to MVS ... for eventually release as DB2 (announced for decision support). mentions system/r, sql/ds & eagle

more mention of eagle

above mentions baker ... who would say that he did the majority of sql/ds tech transfer from endicott back to stl (for db2).

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