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Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 08:59:19 -0500
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>I would appreciate it if you could give a definition of abstract and
>concrete objects. Any definition, or rough description of abstract
>objects can clarify these important things in your message which was
>As far as I know the following questions donít have good answers:
>What abstract objects are; how we know that they exist?
>What is the distinction between concrete and abstract objects Ė what
>is the criterion of distinction?

Time is the criterion. Abstract objects are independent of time. Concrete objects aren't. Concrete objects can come into existence or can cease to exist. Abstract objects just are. The integer three just is.

>The notation of objects is also questionable. As far as I know this
>notation was first introduced by G. Frege.
>If you use the terms abstract and concrete objects in the context of a
>certain theory it might be interesting to know which framework you
>used. I get the impression that these themes are becoming very
>important in modern mathematics and some other sciences.
>Vladimir Odrljin
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