Re: In defence of the fat database

From: Nilone <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 05:48:08 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Oct 7, 12:25 pm, Roy Hann <specia..._at_processed.almost.meat> wrote:
> Nilone wrote:
> > My hobby horse at the moment is to
> > understand the problems of entities and objects.
> Leave such concepts to artisans.  Entertaining those two concepts
> (whatever one thinks they are) is the very first step towards confusing
> the data with the real world.  Once you do that you are lost.
> --
> Roy

Too late. I have a strong liking for metaphysics, and the whirlpool at the intersection of computer science and philosophy is just too strong to resist. I've started reading up on object-role modeling, which looks good.

Unfortunately, I've got exams coming up and I've got to study "Database Systems: Design, Implementation and Management" by Rob, Coronel and Crockett. When I'm done with that, it's SQL and PL/SQL in Oracle. Finally, to finish the year, I've got object-oriented programming and design patterns in C++.

Thankfully, my copy of TTM arrived two weeks ago, so I can look forward to restoring my sanity in December. Received on Wed Oct 07 2009 - 14:48:08 CEST

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