Re: Entity and Identity

From: Clifford Heath <>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 14:12:37 +1000
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Brian wrote:
> You are misrepresenting what I wrote. I did not assert that location
> is part of state. I said that a difference in location constitutes a
> difference in state. I said that because an object that can have
> state can only have one state at a time and because that state can
> only occupy one location at a time. It therefore follows that if
> there is more than one location occupied at a given time, then there
> is more than one object at that time.

I see. Perhaps that's the issue that folk have with the O-O model, that there is no agreed method for identifying two objects as representing the same "thing". It's very hard to reason about a thing when you can't even identify it, so O-O is necessarily lacking the kind of theoretical framework that RM has.  

> Since I clarified my position in a later post, I have to wonder what
> you sought to gain by misrepresenting what I wrote. But then again, I
> should give you the benefit of the doubt: maybe you didn't read the
> clarification.

That's correct, I don't lurk here all the time, and I probably missed some articles in the (long) thread. Perhaps my news server has even dropped some.

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