Re: Entity and Identity

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 23:13:14 -0300
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noyb wrote:

> Walter Mitty wrote:

>> "noyb" <> wrote in message 
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>>> The RM is a self-contained model, and as such, can circumscribe
>>> the identity of a tuple, and it requires specifying a means to
>>> identify every tuple.
>> Let's not conflate the identity of a tuple with the identity of the 
>> entity that an item of data in the tuple pertains to.

> I'm not. But O-O programmers treat their objects much as we
> do "natural world" objects; vis they don't concern themselves
> with theory, only with pragmatic results.
> You failed to comment on the fact that a tuple which has more
> than one instantiation (location) is still *made to behave* as
> though it was the same object (by being confined within ACID rules).
> That supports your original assertion (identity derives from state
> only) against those who claimed that location is also part of state.
> You also failed to comment on the pointers I gave to my project,
> which is a substantial and so-far effective attempt at getting us
> out of our Vietnam, by uniting the best of object and relational
> approaches under fact orientation. Please read carefully before
> dropping any more of the pugnacious one-liners that this group is
> known for.

Clifford, you are full of shit. Received on Sun Sep 27 2009 - 04:13:14 CEST

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