Re: WWW/Internet 2009: 2nd CFP until 21 September

From: Walter Mitty <>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 17:13:10 GMT
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> Walter Mitty wrote:
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>> I'm interested in the idea of XML and the semantic web. In particular,
>> I'm interested in comparing this with the following idea, namely that the
>> relational data model is a useful one for viewing data in transit between
>> two systems connected by a network like the internet. Codd briefly
>> mentioned this topic in a single paragraph in the 1970 paper. I do not
>> not what Codd, Date and others have written on the subject since.
>> ...
> Do you remember what page that mention is on?

I can't pin down the page. Here's the relevant quote.


The simplicity of the array representation which becomes feasible when all relations are cast in normal form is not only an advantage for storage purposes but also for communication of bulk data between systems which use widely different representations of the data. The communication form would be a suitably compressed version of the array representation and would have the following advantages:

(1) It would be devoid of pointers (address-valued or displacement-valued ) .

(2) It would avoid all dependence on hash addressing schemes.

(3) It would contain no indices or ordering lists.


It is, of course my interpretation that the above anticipates the kind of data in transit that I alluded to in my OP. I think it's a reasonable interpretation. I may hear other opinions in the course of this discussion. Received on Mon Aug 10 2009 - 19:13:10 CEST

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