Re: Entity and Identity

From: paul c <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 15:58:37 GMT
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Walter Mitty wrote:
> "David BL" <> wrote in message

>> I have no idea why an OO programmer would want to pretend that
>> employees, companies, departments, teachers or courses are state
>> machines running on their computer!   It's a ridiculous suggestion.

> And yet it happens over and over again. We've seen dozens of cases of OO
> programmers in here trying to do exactly that.
> If you look around the web, the cases multiply into the hundreds. And not
> all of those people are morons.
> Again, the article on "the Vitenam of Computer Science" does a better job
> than I can at motivating why an OO programmer
> would want to model his subject matter in terms of objects.

One contingency that military planners or their political masters have often failed to allow for is the enemy that refuses to fight according to the official battle plan. Sometimes this is called 'exit strategy'. In the metadata thread I was surprised you didn't mention one of Codd's basic points - metadata is amenable to the same operators and logical structures as data. This feature could be viewed as an exit tactic. In RT, there are others, perhaps the most basic is the Information Principle. If there really is an "OO-mismatch" it is that data is permanently cast according to a single perspective for which there may well be no exit strategy. Received on Wed Jul 22 2009 - 17:58:37 CEST

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