On the consequences of attempting to maintain data integrity through the application...

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A nice example on a dead end met by a BI developper when he tried to maintain data integrity through application. Coming from a SQL Server forum...I let thinking practitionners to judge for themselves on where the problem lies...

Filter fact data in SQLServer 2005 Cube

We want to build one cube, but present different views of it. We've looked at perspectives, and that meets some of our needs, allowing us to remove dimensions or fields that certain views don't need.

What perspectives doesn't do is allow us to filter the fact data. We've got 2 basic user types, and we don't want them to have to apply a filter everytime they use the cube.

I've played with using roles to restrict the dimension based on our filtering criteria, but that seems to only work if they use the filter field in the query. Also, the aggregate numbers still report on the whole, not just the data they want.

It seems like this should be easy. What am I missing?

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