Re: Object-oriented thinking in SQL context?

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On Jun 17, 11:24 pm, paul c <> wrote:
> Bob Badour wrote:
> ...
> > It's actually censorship that protects the collegial environment primary
> > researchers retreated to: peer review and university hiring procedures.
> > That censorship keeps the self-aggrandizing ignorants, cranks, trolls,
> > and snake-oil salemen at bay.
> Yes, but the 'collegial environment' became a  complacent sanctuary
> after the 1960's trend in the Western world to make university a basic
> requirement for everyone.  This causes false feelings of enntitlement
> and laziness, whereas before the post-war era, such an education was
> much more a much more strenuous privilege and graduates felt an

Given expensive, paid university education in the West (due to the perversion of privatisation combined uncoincidentally with shrinking public subsidy), it is indeed usually difficult, expensive, and strenuous to educate oneself beyond high school - so once again restricted to the privileged.

Free university education has nothing to do with the "1960s"; it's a far older tradition. See Allan Bloom, "The Closing of the American Mind."

> unselfish responsibility which is lost today.  You can see the effects
> in modern Switzerland ...
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