Re: storing survey answers of different data types

From: Joe Thurbon <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 04:31:39 GMT
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On Fri, 24 Apr 2009 14:05:00 +1000, paul c <> wrote:

> Bob Badour wrote:

>> paul c wrote:
>>> Bob Badour wrote:
>>>> Joe Thurbon wrote:
>>> ...
>>>>> Just wondering, if one of the requirements for a system included
>>>>> something like 'Be able to list all questionnaires', would
>>>>> you still consider one-table-per-questionairre a reasonable design?
>>>> Absolutely. It's a simple query from the system catalog.
>>>> ...
>>> How do you tell the 'questionnaire' tables from the other tables?
>>  However you want.

> Well, it's not me, the part-time mystic, I'd like to know how a system
> catalog/catalogue can signify the difference. Seems to me that the
> system becomes the app, which would be okay by me. 'Catlog', all due
> respect to Codd, is not a very useful word. What's the point of ddl
> when dml could suffice? I think it is baggage, mostly due to the
> physical limits of thirty or more years ago. DBMS's would be different
> today if not for those, and thirty years from now, most developers
> won't even know and a few might start to think like the Mott's Clamato
> man. So there!

Well, I googled "Mott Clamato man" expecting to see some sort of literary reference. That's not exactly what I got.

Suffice to say, I was following you until you brought him up. What would Mott's Clamato man think?

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