Re: native xml processing vs what Postgres and Oracle offer

From: JOG <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 19:27:20 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Dec 12 2008, 11:25 am, (rpost) wrote:
> Yes, and replies to replies to replies to replies to ... to replies
> to such messages.  That's how discussion fora, including USENET, work.

"Fora"? Bah humbug to faux latin pluralization of good, honest, hard workin' english words....

That is unless, of course, you use the dative form when you post "to" a USENET foro. Then hats off ;) Received on Sat Jan 03 2009 - 21:27:20 CST

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