Re: Date and McGoveran comments on view updating 'problem'

From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 17:13:12 -0500
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> Brian Selzer wrote:
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> ... Also, you appear to be laboring under the
>> delusion that relational algebra somehow includes relational assignment.
> I feel no such weight on top of me because I know of no such thing as
> 'relational assignment', rather there is language assignment. My focus is
> algebraic as I'll try to explain later, but as far as that I would agree
> that the D&D A-algebra that I'm familiar with has no such thing as
> 'language assignment'. I don't think I ever said otherwise. I think
> Date's Assignment Principle is simply a test for whether a language's dbms
> respects the algebra it's premised on.

Perhaps I was reading too much into your post. Received on Mon Dec 15 2008 - 23:13:12 CET

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