Re: Object oriented database

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 16:51:07 -0300
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> On Oct 30, 11:36 pm, wrote:

>>Hi all,
>>I am looking for people who have an interest in object oriented
>>databases, primarily to share ideas or to find out end-user
>>I am currently working on an object oriented database product, which
>>will be closely tied in with the programming language of choice. First
>>goal is to make a C++ implementation, and later Java, C# and web
>>scripts like PHP.
>>Anyone with interest into the subject, please send me an email. You
>>can see some of my products and the ideas for the OODB on my web
>>Best regards
> I think an interesting project would be to implement transactions
> without all the relational stuff. I bet there would be quite the
> interest in having solid persistance services without having to carry
> around schemas, triggers, sql, relational algebra, etc, sort of what
> todays transactional file systems do for metadata, make available for
> object persistance.

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