Re: Guessing?

From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 11:36:16 -0400
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"JOG" <> wrote in message
>I get tired of these confusions concerning "meaning". There is no
> meaning in a proposition. None. Meaning exists in our heads and
> nowhere else. Logical propositions are purely syntactic, and RA is a
> purely mathematical formalism no different to geometry say.

Logical propositions without an intended interpretation are when written just squiggles--something akin to doodles--with no significance or utility whatsoever, and are when spoken just noise--they do not rise even to the level of being a tale told by an idiot: they're just noise.

> And anyone who tries to use the word "semantic" in some pseudo-
> technical fashion, as though the word makes any sense /whatsoever/,
> should be smacked round the head with a fish. A big sodding haddock
> maybe.
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