Re: Examples of SQL anomalies?

From: Cimode <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 06:30:46 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

> > <<I am more inclined to believe that the user is better able
> > to make educated guesses than the system.>>
> > And what allows you to claim such thing ? Users guessing makes
> > database system useless in the first place.
> The users know what the data is supposed to mean. The system hasn't a clue.
I do not understand how you place system and people on the same standpoint. Don't you believe in need-to-know basis?

> > <<Ask yourself this: would the user be informed that the answer to his
> > query is the result of an extrapolation? >> Does he need to?
> I would think so...otherwise he might try to justify an invasion because the
> extrapolation of what is known to be the case happens to be that the subject
> rogue nation is developing or stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. In
> the case of Iraq, President Bush may have ordered the invasion anyway, but
> would have had a lot less support in the international community if it were
> known beforehand that Saddam didn't posses any WMD. In the case of Iran,
> however, it is known that the Iranian President has vowed to destroy Israel,
> that he is certifiable, and that Iran's nuclear energy program could be a
> cover for developing nuclear weapons. It is also known that Iran has defied
> the international community and the IAEA in its continuing to refine
> uranium. Therefore, extrapolating from what is known, is it safe to assume
> that Iran, due to its defiance, is secretly developing nuclear weapons?
> Should we then support Israel's imminent preemptive strike against Iran? Or
> should the United States, in an effort to avoid a conflagration amongst the
> nations in the middle-east, strike instead?
You lost me with the analogy provided. I quite frankly do not see the link between mathematical extrapolation and political manipulation. But I would say that if more people get a chance the same correct information they can avoid subjectiveness or counteract its downsides. If the american people had a chance to access the same CIA correct information that Bush Inc. distorted to justify special interest war in Iraq, a big blunder might have been avoided. But I guess that's completely off topic. Received on Sun Jul 06 2008 - 15:30:46 CEST

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