Re: pro- foreign key propaganda?

From: paul c <toledobysea_at_ac.ooyah>
Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 16:26:27 GMT
Message-ID: <Tqg_j.293121$pM4.115723_at_pd7urf1no>

Bob Badour wrote:
... My own dogs
> are not very amenable to sybolic manipulation, and while I have no
> direct knowledge of his dog, I suspect the same is true. Heck, it's hard
> enough getting my dogs to let me trim their nails!

Can't prove it but sometimes I think liking dogs is more than helpful, it's a pre-requisite. Have known mystics in other fields who didn't like dogs, thought as humans they weren't quite fully formed and generally less aware/capable/alive in nearly all pursuits. Even had a company with a dog president, but we never imagined the company was real, even though the dog seemed real to all, even mystics, and the 'company' made money. I drew the line at the teddy bear company whose managing director attended all meetings but never spoke once. Received on Sun May 25 2008 - 18:26:27 CEST

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