Re: pro- foreign key propaganda?

From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 03:35:20 -0400
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"Bob Badour" <> wrote in message news:4834e7b8$0$4049$
> paul c wrote:

>> Brian Selzer wrote:
>> ...
>>> I didn't say that it is not necessarily psychological. I said that it
>>> had nothing to do with the desired or intended interpretation. What
>>> does psychology have to do with the fact that sometimes you pull the
>>> middle beer from the left hand side of a fresh six-pack and sometimes
>>> the nearest from the right hand side? Are we supposed to read something
>>> into the fact that once in a while you pull the beer furthest away from
>>> you on the right-hand side? The beer closest to you should taste just
>>> as good as the one furthest away. The choice of which candidate key is
>>> to be primary has as much to do with the intended interpretation as the
>>> choice of which beer you pull first out of a fresh six-pack has on how
>>> good it tastes.
>>> ...
>> Much as I'm tempted, I'll refrain from calling the first sentence
>> mystical. Does seem pathologically ambiguous, though. Way beyond my
>> ken.
> Double negatives are like that. In essense, he is saying he didn't say
> anything.

Not so. Are you brain damaged? (That would explain a lot....) I said one thing, and then paul c implied that I said something else. Denying what paul c implied that I said does not deny what I originally said. So you're wrong in saying that I'm saying that I didn't say anything. But then again, you're often wrong--even if you won't admit it. I you really enjoy making a fool of yourself? Just in case you don't, here's a little bit of wisdom I heard somewhere: it is better to remain silent and let people think you're an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Received on Thu May 22 2008 - 09:35:20 CEST

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